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Game chess online. Chess is an ancient game whose ancestor "Chaturanga" in the game involves several types of shapes, each of which has its own trajectory for hoda.Korol - the principal figure in chess if the king placed a "checkmate" the game is lost, the king can walk in any direction in only 1 cell; boat - goes directly to S.Z.YU.V. for an indefinite number of cells; Queen (Queen) - goes directly to S.Z.YU.V. and obliquely to an indefinite number of cells; pawn - just walk straight, the first half of the board can overcome one way, then only one cell, strikes obliquely; horse - goes "L"-shaped course to S.Z.YU.V.; elephant - Useful only obliquely to an indefinite number of cells. Try to play this difficult game and all of its interpretation on our website online.

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